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Chad Lakridis and the Team
are committed to providing the best possible dance experience. 

We adhere to high standards of integrity, professional
and business conduct.

We are devoted to ongoing improvement of ourselves
and our students on and/or off the dance floor.  

No sales pitches - No Gimmicks - No Kidding.

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Chad Lakridis

Chad Lakridis has been actively involved in Healthy living for 30 years. In his early career he made two Olympic teams, and played semi-pro ball. Since taking up Ballroom Dancing for healing & self-improvement, his own healing journey has included becoming certified as a foster care parent, licensed in financial planning, dance, massage, Reiki & Pilates; and he has additional training Feldenkrais, EFT, Gerson Therapy and TM. He is the leader in the Wedding Dance industry, where he helps couples not only learn to dance, but to get past their emotional blocks to create not just a first dance but a lifetime together.

Brisa Manis

Brisa Manis (B.S.N.) has years of experience in the hospital setting, including critical care, emergency care, orthopedic medicine, and cardiac care. She has training in Gerson therapy, and as a caregiver for Alzheimer’s patients. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in paralegal Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Appraisal, and an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. Her passion for ballroom dancing parallels her passion for self-improvement.

Veronica (Roni) Burrows (Ph.D.) has been a competitive Ballroom dancer for over fifteen years. She also holds an 8th degree black belt in Aikido, co-owns an Aikido school and has trained over 50 currently active Aikido instructors. She is a retired professor of chemical engineering. and also works to educate the public about environmentally friendly manufacturing and in material sustainability. 

Our Team is honored to train with
World Finalist & Founder of the BodySchoolSystem(TM) Maja Servé

Maja Servé, with her partner Glenn Weiss was 5 times Danish Professional Standard Champion and a finalist in dance championships including: World Championship, European Championship, British Open, German Open, US Open, Japan Open, Dutch Open, the International Championship and United Kingdom Championship.

Maja has also proven herself to be a great teacher.  She created the BodySchoolSystem(TM) around the principles and rules she was taught by her “dance father” (Benny Tolmeyer) and her “dance mother” (Janet Gleave). The BodySchoolSystem is a logical and efficient method of learning, based on science, philosophy, anatomy and walking. It has helped many dancers achieve skillful, beautiful movement and to reach their dance goals. 
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